Recharge Templates

Service Center Proposal Worksheets

To establish a new service/recharge center or to modify existing recharge rates, please use the following worksheets provided below:

Required Documents (with each proposal submission)

Rate Calculation Templates

The Service Center Getting Started Guide should be used as a reference to ensure that all required information is completed.

Once the applicable forms are complete, please send all forms, plus any supporting documentation, via email to Mark Perez at

Web-Based Service Center Proposal Development System

To facilitate in the service/recharge center rate development process, a web-based system has been developed and is available for campus-community use.  To access the system, please use the following link: Web-Based Service Center Proposal Template.

Recharge Handbook

The UC Merced Recharge Handbook (last updated in August 2014) contains detailed information on service center rate development, policies, and procedures.  Please note that the Recharge Handbook is current undergoing revision to align with current practices and proposal submission procedures.  It is anticipated that the revised version will be complete in June/July 2017.