Other Resources

Uniform Accounting Structure Codes

According to UCOP Accounting Manual U-751-17, "the University maintains its accounting records in accordance with the Uniform Accounting Structure (UAS) system prescribed by the National Associated of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).  This system allows for the production of budgetary and financial reports that are uniform to the function level of detail." 

In summary, the Uniform Accounting Structure allows for a 'function code' to be assigned to a FAU, which identifies how the account is to be used (e.g. Research, Public Service, Instruction, etc.).  The illustration below shows how the UAS flows through the reporting process.

Account and Cost-Center Request Form

To assist Central Accounting with functionalizing the new accounts being created, a request form has been created.  Please submit this request form to Central Accounting once complete.

Revenue Service Agreement Cost Worksheet

To assist in developing a total cost associated with a Revenue Service Agreement, a cost worksheet has been created.  To help you get started, a guide is available.